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The main reason I decided to move my mother to the Shire - the people. The staff is caring, kind, and capable; they work as a team, and are willing to go the extra mile. "Thank you," I say!

My mother will turn 90 in December. For the past eight years, I have cared for her in my home. As her dementia progressed, I started exploring the possibility of respite one week-end a month! This seems like a reasonable request. Elder Source supplied a list, and I called every facility; each one gave me the same response, "I am sorry, we can take your mother for two weeks, but not for a weekend."

"Two weeks is a long time for an elderly person with dementia," I explained "shorter, more frequent visits would be much better for her." The people with whom I spoke were all very understanding, and very apologetic, but "too much paperwork!"

When I called The Shire, and their admissions coordinator (Carol Greco) responded right off the bat, "yes I think we can work it out," I cried with disbelief and relief. I did not even have to argue my case! The Shire was the only area facility willing to give week-end respite! Whew!

With monthly week-end respites, the staff got to know my mother – her needs, her likes, her dislikes (tuna fish), and, her name! It seems like every staff person knows my mother's name. With big smiles on their faces they all say, "Hi Betty Bell!" Some even sing it! And my mother beams in delight! At last she is someone again - no longer a nobody - dementia makes a person feel like a nobody.

When I had an opportunity to take two weeks vacation, once again I turned to The Shire. Once again, my mother's stay was a great success.

Then came summer, again. My house has no air-conditioning; it can get hot. As "too hot" and "too cold" are a problem for Goldilocks, so two for the elderly; however the consequences on the elderly can be serious! Over the years I have tried several summer strategies for those really hot days: Alcohol baths, soaking my mother's feet, taking her to the mall or museum, following her around with a room air conditioner. We all survived. "You have A/C," I said to the Shire this Memorial Day, "can you take care of my mother for the summer?" "Let's give it a try," responded Carol Greco.

The summer I've watched my mother become acclimated to her new home. Not only the staff knows your name, but, so too, some of the residents. When I mentioned to an employee at Fonte's (my supply store) that I had move my mom to The Shire, the Fonte's employee responded, "The Shire keeps their people busy - lots of activities!"

She seems very healthy and happy! My mother has found a new home at the Shire! Not just summer, but fall, winter and spring, too. And again I say the people of The Shire - "Thank you."

Our son, David, has been a Shire resident for six years. The staff is great! Always warm, friendly and willing to help. The nurses and aids to take care David are kind, compassionate and alert to his needs. We are frequent, unscheduled visitors and always find David clean and comfortable.

The activities director offers numerous activities for residents as well as concerts and parties to enjoy with their families. It's always a fun time!

We are grateful that David is happy and well cared for and we are glad to be part of the Shire family.

We highly recommend Shire Senior Living.

Harriet and Keith Moore
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